SIJ Elektrode d.o.o. liquidation

SIJ Elektrode d.o.o. Liquidation

Environmental perspective

Pending its removal from the companies register, SIJ Elektrode d.o.o., under liquidation, will continue to honor its environmental obligations prescribed under applicable laws. All company processes which had been introduced prior to the start of the voluntary liquidation process, continued in full until the time the company’s production came to a stop at the end of April 2022. After the production process has been shut down, we are ensuring: i) that the remaining raw materials, including hazardous chemicals, are placed in proper storage and sold; ii) that the production waste materials are disposed of through suitable vendors and waste collectors; iii) the company’s assets are sold (the company’s fixed assets and supplies); iv) that the end-products and work-in-progress item are sold. Until sold, the company’s assets will be put in suitable storage, as has been the case so far, in order to preserve their value and neutralise the impact on the environment.

As production shuts down, the sources of pollution such as industrial waste waters from technological processes is eliminated, as will sources of pollution associated with the consumption of electricity and other energy products, and sources of other materials created in the production process will also be eliminated. There will be no impact on biodiversity.



The company SIJ Elektrode, in liquidation, owns land and properties situated at Cesta železarjev 8, Jesenice. The company’s land covers a total area of 29,417 m2, of which 16,055 m2 is occupied by buildings (warehouse facilities, production facilities and other facilities).

In the interest of preserving the value of the company and preventing extraordinary events, the facility has been put under security surveillance during the liquidation process, including observation for reporting unforeseen incidents (damage from water, frost, snow load, compromised structural integrity, fire, flooding) after on-site activities have been shutdown.


We will apply correct procedures on the site’s utility lines (power lines, telecom lines, water supply lines, etc.)


Health and safety during the liquidation process

Throughout the process, the company will continue to honor its occupational health and safety commitments. Until the production have been shut down at the end of April, the responsible person - the occupational health and safety engineer -  remained in the employ of the company. After production is shut down, we will make use of our resources at the SIJ d.d. level as the need arises.


Impacts on the social environment

We are liaising with the key stakeholders (suppliers, buyers, employees, shareholders, financial institutions, employment offices etc.) to address the social impacts of our activities and reduce potential negative impacts for the environment. As mentioned before, our employees will be given particular emphasis.

On 1 April 2022, the company called a meeting to consult with the company’s representative labor unions. The company has provided regular updates to employees about the different stages of the production shutdown process, communicating options for re-employment at sister companies, and providing them with information and assistance with exercising their employee rights.

After production shutdown, certain divisions still require labor, at a somewhat reduced scale. We expect that, besides the liquidation trustee, the company will have need for some employees in Dispatch, Sales, Finance & Accounting, Maintenance and Human Resources departments for several months still.

Most employees have been offered re-employment in our Jesenice-based sister companies.