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Ljubljana, Wednesday, 23 March 2022 – Building on solid foundations and harnessing the favorable economic environment and strong demand on the steel markets in 2021, SIJ Group recorded its highest earnings to date in 2021.


According to the audited financials for 2021, SIJ Group generated EUR 962.7 million in sales revenue, up 36.8 percent from the preceding year. It generated an EBITDA of EUR 100.8 million in 2018, 2.7 times higher than 2020. The EBITDA margin stands at 10.5 percent, up 5.1 percentage points compared to the preceding year. The 2021 net profit stood at EUR 29.2 million. The NFD/EBITDA indicator decreased significantly compared to the year before, and stood at 2.0 in 2021.

In 2021, SIJ Group also realized certain projects from 2020 in addition to the planned investments, and so last year it dedicated EUR 56.0 million to capital expenditure. In February, SIJ Group signed a new syndicated facility agreement with a syndicate of nine foreign and domestic banks, for a new seven-year syndicated facility worth EUR 230 million to provide additional liquidity reserves to ensure SIJ Group’s long-term development and to finance investments, which, in accordance with SIJ Group’s strategy until the year 2025, will be geared towards increasing production efficiency and sustainable development, environmental projects, circular economy principles and energy efficiency.

Having established a market presence in over 70 countries worldwide, SIJ Group remains one of Slovenia’s top exporters. SIJ Group generated 85.2 percent of its total sales revenues in foreign markets in 2021.





SIJ Group is Slovenia’s largest vertically integrated metallurgy group which incorporates circular economy principles in its operations, allowing its products to maintain leading market positions in European and global niche steel markets. SIJ Group is among Slovenia’s top exporters and is considered a key employer in the Gorenjska and Koroška regions.



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