Annual report of the SIJ Group receives award for best business plan and operations analysis presentation

Annual report of the SIJ Group receives award for best business plan and operations analysis presentation

Ljubljana, Wednesday, 15 November 2017 – At the 18th competition for the best annual report for 2016 held by the Finance business academy (Poslovna akademija Finance), the SIJ Group received the award for best business plans and operations analysis presentation.

The 2016 annual report of the SIJ Group received the award for the best business plans and operations analysis presentation at yesterday’s award ceremony. The competition has been organised for 18 years by the Finance business academy. The SIJ Group believes that the annual report is one of the most established means of communication and a vital document, not intended merely for the financial public (shareholders, analysts, potential investors, business partners, banks and other financial institutions, etc), but that it is also a crucial source of information for other participants that rely on good results of the SIJ Group and transparent reporting on financial achievements, environmental efforts, and socially responsible projects of the Group. Nonetheless, the annual report is a key summary of the efforts and results, commitment and achievements of the group and its employees, as well as the best source of information for potential new employees.

The SIJ Group upgraded the preparation of the business part of the annual report by considering good practices in business reporting and the guidelines set by the Finance business academy, thereby telling a clear story to the interested public, Mitja Kolbe, Director of Business Development and Strategy, who accepted the award for the SIJ Group yesterday. As he also pointed out, “When presenting the business, we banked on a quality interpretation of key data that we meaningfully completed with plans and goals for the future. This was told via a carefully selected annual corporate story. After launching new steel brands, the story was branding as an operational philosophy for the entire group.

Last year, the SIJ Group was marked by launching its own brands of steels. In the report, branding as a philosophy of the entire Group’s operations is a meaningful content and visual linking element teling the annual corporate story, which runs as a central theme and connects all the elements in the annual report.
“When analysing their operations, the SIJ Group clearly and concisely interpreted key information of the previous business year,” Maruša Hauptman, a member of the evaluating committee and an expert in business analyses from the company BDO Slovenija pointed out. The annual report of the SIJ Group is distinguished by listing circumstances inside and outside the Group that affected the business. The analysis of past business is meaningfully completed by the plans and goals for the future.

The SIJ Group sees the award as a commendation to all the members of the project team that prepared the report. More than 40 experts in various fields – employees of the SIJ Group, editors, designers and other team members prepared relevant content data and highlights that summarise the entire reporting of the Group.


The SIJ Group is the largest vertically integrated Slovenian metallurgist group, and its products rank among the top market positions in the European and world niche steel markets. The Group has two main areas of business – the core business of Metallurgy along with Poultry Division (the Perutnina Ptuj Group) with appr. 7.000 employees in Slovenia and abroad. In the first half of 2017, the SIJ Group generated 512.4 million Euros in revenues (a 23.8% increase compared to the same period of 2016), thereby exceeded the half billion Euros mark for the first time in history. The EBITDA of 55.9 million Euros is comparable to the same period of 2016.

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