Sponsorships and donations

The SIJ Group is one of the largest business systems in Slovenia and one of the largest Slovenian exporters. It is a pillar of employment in the municipalities Ravne na Koroškem and Jesenice where its subsidiaries operate, and is an important partner in local communities.

We are aware of the importance of strengthening ties with internal and external stakeholders; therefore, through sponsorships and donations, we support and facilitate the better functioning of organizations, associations and institutions in the fields of sport, culture, education, health, humanitarian activities and other socially responsible activities in local communities and, more generally, in society. We pay special attention to this at national level and in local communities where the SIJ Group is present. We understand a sponsorship or donor relationship as a partnership that provides mutual progress and development for a sponsor or donor, recipient of funds, and a wider society.

When deciding to offer sponsorship or donor support, we strive for a triple purpose – strengthening the brand name of the SIJ Group and Made of Steel as the umbrella brand of sponsorship and donor projects, strengthening the image of steel as a versatile material in all areas of human activity, and supporting a wider society and local environments without which the SIJ Group cannot do business successfully.

We actively support mass sports programs, which include employees in the SIJ Group or their family members, and who play an important role in the sports activities of children and youth. This includes several sports associations in Ravne na Koroškem and Jesenice.

We support numerous humanitarian and educational projects aimed at wider awareness of metallurgy and steel making as well as the development potential of the wider industry.
The SIJ Group also inspires qualities which are made of steel in Slovene top sports, namely:

  • through partnership with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia,
  • by sponsoring a senior hockey club from Jesenice.

SIJ - Sponzor of OKS – Slovenian Olympic Committee