Social responsibility

Socially responsible conduct is at the root of the long term strategy on sustainable development nurtured by SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group. We are aware of the responsibility that we bear as an economic entity that employs more than 3,100 people in Slovenia and abroad, and which has a widespread network of business partners and other actors with whom it cooperates on a daily basis.

When making business decisions, we take into account the interests of a broader circle of participants, predominantly employees, buyers, suppliers and local communities in which we are present. Our business is based on ethical ventures, sustainable development and environmental–friendliness.

In addition to numerous projects and associations which we directly support, we also express our social responsibility through the activities of our own ZIP Center company (Ravne na Koroškem), a disability company that is entirely integrated into the corporate management of SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group. The company employs dozens of disabled people and offers the services of carpentry, printing and the manufacture of educational toys for children.