Environment protection

Ecological awareness is a fundamental part of the SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group management corporate policy. Protection of the environment is perceived as the basic right, duty and responsibility of all employees.

We take action to protect the environment from the waste produced in our facilities, which also involves the efficient use of necessary raw materials and energy. Due to the conscientious and responsible treatment of the environment and of natural wealth, the companies in SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group have obtained so-called IPPC permits. We are continuously improving our attitude to the environment and to health and safety at work, which can also be confirmed by the most recent international certificates. We are therefore constantly introducing new technical procedures, with which we intend to reduce the toll on nature. In this regard, for example, the ironworks company Acroni is the first Slovenian company to be awarded the European standard certificate ”Energy management systems”.

Over the past five years we have invested more than € 12 million in environmental protection. All the investments were fully adapted to the most recent guidelines and directives of European legislation. In addition, numerous measures and investments related to efficient energy use are gradually resulting in more rational energy use in all production phases. The environment–related investments will also continue with the new investment cycle by 2025, which assumes a value of investment of around €20 million in further reducing negative environmental impacts, including the control of dust emissions and noise pollution.