Research & Development

SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group SIJ is committed to continuously investing in new technologies and materials development, since these are crucial to develop new products and to ensure entry into progressively more demanding specialized markets. Through constant innovation and investment in research and development we employ all the resources and knowledge that are available within the Group to manufacture products which, when compared to the competition, are the result of thorough research.

The extraordinary development potential is highlighted by the best innovation awards in Slovenia, received on an annual basis, which have gradually become recognized throughout Europe and at a global level.

In 2014 we began upgrading the development departments by systematically introducing models of innovation at other levels, i.e. in broader business processes. The system established actively supports employee promotion and thereby encourages them to act innovatively.

The companies in SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group also provide some services to the market in the fields of research and development and material analysis. You can read more here.

Innovation day 2014

GZS Gold Award for Best Innovation in 2013: Acroni and Development Center

Innovation day 2012